Letter from the Publisher

Spring is my favorite time of the year. The Earth warms and the grass grows with anticipation of floral diversity, with beautiful colors and shapes. We are especially lucky in Texas because of the Bluebonnets & Indian Paintbrushes which surround us. My wish is that everyone could enjoy this beauty around the world everywhere. Unfortunately, our consumerism and “need for speed” drives us to create an incredible amount of trash every day. In fact, researchers have named a huge island of floating trash in the Pacific, “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”. Even media outlets like Fox News have acknowledged it and reported on scientists concerns about it growing faster than anticipated, in this online article below just released March 22nd.

Appreciation and care for our Earth is aligned with appreciation and care for our bodies, and our neighbors. This is why Christ asked that we treat our neighbors as we would treat ourselves. Love and care for each other, our bodies and our Earth is universal – a basic need, and a desire of every human on the planet regardless of which part of the Earth they live. Spiritually, I believe, those who are selfish and not sensitive to the needs of others have forgotten their innate God-like nature. They are a path of becoming aware, and “Awakening”.

As each one of us learns, becomes aware and IMPLEMENTS our learnings, we create a better world for everyone. And recycling is just one way to contribute! Ask your local restaurants to carry paper cups instead of plastic or Styrofoam. Styrofoam almost never degrades and is by far one of the worst products we product. As business owners, use recycled or biodegradable products. Most people don’t want to do this because it will cost ten cents more a cup in your fast food line, but we the people have a voice, and we can clearly see our trash piling up everywhere, globally. Sometimes a little investment in doing the right thing can yield longer term rewards. And it’s time to stop chasing the dollar for short term rewards. Warren Buffett didn’t build his billions on short term gains every quarter, he invested with a long-term view and it has served him well. Many Native American tribes would consult with elders before going into war with neighboring tribes. Th e elders would consider the effects on the next seven generations before making a decision. We have the blessing of science and math to now see more of our world than our ancestors, and with mathematics and statistics, we can predict the direction we are going.

Let’s start making better choices for ourselves and our families and our planet, for the long term, to make our world a bit brighter!