May 2017 Letter from the Publisher

Today, as I was reading our article on Heart-Based Leadership, my heart was touched. What got me was this quote from the Dalai Lama at the Vancouver Peace Summit: “It will be up to Western women to bring about peace.”

What we have seen in recent months is an appreciation of women who are WORKING to bring about peace and partnership and protection of each other, our communities and the environment. Those are the ones we respect and feel kinship towards. All women are working for a better world in one way or another, whether it is through full time motherhood or business roles or political leadership roles, or all of the above. I do believe the Dalai Lama was right though. As free women living in the United States, one of the most progressive countries in the world, we have a duty, if not an obligation, to get this right. Leading our country, our businesses, and our homes in a way that creates partnership, peace and respect for each other and our planet.

To that end, we are sponsoring local events for health and healing, both physical and spiritual. We are expecting our first event to be in mid-July, and more information will be available on our new website in May. An Event will be on our Facebook page so you can mark it in your calendar and forward to your friends. We absolutely love having you in our community, and have enjoyed the spontaneous meetings of readers. Now to further connect our community, we feel periodic events will help you find resources you need, education you seek, and like-minded individuals to connect.

So please keep an eye out for our new website with an updated design that’s easier to read and mobile friendly. We are also updating our digital viewer, so you can bookmark and share parts of the magazine with friends easily. We will be offering additional content online as well. We have so much to share that it doesn’t always make the cut to print for you in time, so check our website periodically. And sign up for our mailing list to receive the digital magazine with additional content, which you can read in our cool new viewer!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our ladies!

Roxanne, Bandit & Smokey

Lexi, Pat, Sara, Ron, Courtney, Wendy, Patrick, Todd, JP, Heidi and our National Support Team