by Susan Briggs Family dogs frequently accompany us on errands and outings away from their familiar home environment, and we want them to enjoy these expeditions. So understanding their view of the world is important. To a dog, every experience is either familiar or unfamiliar. The first time they encounter a new

Enzymes are among the most commonly used supplements for cats and dogs because they are widely beneficial. They support digestive health and enhance nutrient absorption, as well as reduce inflammation and boost overall wellness. A nutrition school adage states, “If you have a question on your exam and don’t know the

by Kimberly K. Jones-Weiss, DVM Everybody poops, but nobody talks about it. Yet, a healthy digestive tract is so important for people—and their pets—that taking care of it should be a goal for everybody. The mouth, esophagus, stomach, and small and large intestines make up the digestive tract, also known as the

by Sandra Murphy Rather than routinely giving drugs to dogs and cats to relieve dry, itchy, skin or food allergies, consider more gentle natural alternatives. As with people, knowing what an animal is allergic to is key to finding the right remedy and preventing future outbreaks. With dogs, about 20 percent of

by Brad Roach One of the most intriguing differences between animals and people is that for pets, most allergies manifest as skin disease. The target organ for allergies in pets is the skin, while for people it is mainly the respiratory system. This is due to the distribution of mast cells

by Sandra Murphy Physical therapists have long used horses to help patients improve balance or strengthen core muscles. Now they’re helping to teach empathy. Given a horse’s significant size, sometimes distracting surroundings and the need for safety, humans need to learn the animal’s non-verbal cues, and to regulate their own. Close interaction

by Shawn Messonnier Many pet owners have chosen functional medicine for their own care, so they logically turn to it for their four-legged family members, as well. Most veterinarians are still unfamiliar with this approach to pet health care and may even discourage its use because they see it as being