Learn more about Bodhi Essential Oils & Wellness.  Mere steps away from the Kemah Boardwalk is Bodhi Essential Oils & Wellness, a delightful and peaceful shop offering therapeutic- grade essential oils, an oxygen bar, and a wide variety of metaphysical tools. Owner Melinda Auten is well-versed in DoTerra essential oils, and

By Sara Blumenfeld Women in leadership, women of influence, women rising to meet the challenges of the day--business owners, moms, athletes, volunteers, politicians, health care providers, military members, performers, teachers, authors, students--the list is endless. All women are leading many, and influencing many more. They are living examples of kindness and

Pregnancy and childbirth can bring challenges in addition to the great joy. Some of the challenges can include the desire to stop smoking in order to protect the health of the fetus, the need to feel better and sleep better during the third trimester, the intention to deliver the baby

Food allergies or sensitivity are a big deal to many people, as well as to their pets. Knowing what to eat, how to prepare it, and where to buy it can sometimes be diffi cult. Luckily, the Clear Lake/League City area has a resource for both people and their pets

by Sandra Murphy The federal Every Student Succeeds Act, passed in December 2015 to take effect in the 2017-2018 school year, is the fi rst law in U.S. history to include language that supports environmental education. Plans call for it to be integrated with current state standards, graduation requirements, teacher development

Yoga has been proven to improve osteoporosis, a disease of weak and thinning bones that make fractures more likely. Yoga is both an isometric and a weight bearing exercise, two important components in improving bone strength. This 4-week series at The Yoga Haven in Galveston trains students in specific yoga postures

When body, mind, and spirit are working together optimally, the important areas of life are more enjoyable and fl ow with much more ease. This six week series will explore many unique ways to enhance that connection and transform stumbling blocks in to stepping stones. Each week participants will be introduced

Many people think chiropractic care is primarily to relieve an aching back or neck. At Bay Colony Chiropractic, in addition to back and neck related issues, including headaches, whiplash, sciatica, and pinched nerves, they also provide treatment to help reduce frequency and severity of allergies, improve the functioning of the

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