by Mark Nepo Teaching me how to steer the thirty-foot sailboat he built, my father would say, “It’s the sail that follows the wind, and the rudder that follows the sail.” The sail by its nature, will catch the wind and lean into it. The rudder is for steering once we’ve

TERRY TEMPEST WILLIAMS It was standing inside Timpanogos Cave (a national monument) as an 8-year-old child that marked me. Hiking to the entrance of the cave with our church group, we were ushered in by a park ranger. Immediately, the cool air locked inside the mountain enveloped us and we wore

by Kim Schneiderman Every life unfolds as a uniquely dynamic, purposeful and potentially heroic story that is open to interpretation, especially our own. We are the star and spin doctor of this work-in-progress, with the power to tell our stories as triumphs, tragedies or something in-between. Our life story is filled with

by Linda Sechrist When properly viewed, the thresholds of all of life’s transitional moments can be both emotionally and spiritually rewarding. Whether it involves marriage or birth, job loss or illness, gleaning insight from the experience can yield fresh perspective on how to live life more fully today, if we

by Sheila Julson Oklahoma City photographer Ken Goad was originally more interested in viewing images than making images. During his teens, he frequently viewed photography magazines, and the vivid images instilled in him wanderlust to explore those destinations within the pages. “When I got out of school and I started going

by Sandy C. Newbigging Imagine being outside on a sunny day, looking at a clear blue sky. It’s natural to feel calm and wonderful while contemplating this expansive view. Then a solitary bird flies across our field of vision. Noticing it takes our attention away from the stillness of the sky to instead

by Joious Melodi Many times, our inner voice tells us there is much more to our life than we are capable of experiencing at the present moment. So, what is it that keeps us from living and becoming the person that we long to be? What if the world was designed for