by Aimee Hughes “I began my personal training in the Non-Violent System (NVS) of self-defense with Grandmaster Verkerke in 1996,” says Eddie Rose, senior instructor of NVS Peace in the Midst of Non-Violence at Shangri-La Springs, in Bonita Springs, Florida. This aspect of the martial art form seicho jutsu was created by

by Aimee Hughes “I’ve run in cities, rural areas and suburbs. I’ve run while deployed to military bases in the Middle East, in cities on four continents, in blazing heat and winter snowstorms,” says Maria Cicio, a licensed professional counselor candidate and marathoner in Grove, Oklahoma. “I’ve been running regularly for

“Imagine an exercise system that strengthens the body enough to be used in training world-class athletes, stretches more safely than any form of yoga and expands the core training concepts of Pilates into natural full-body movements like those used in everyday reaching and walking, along with jumping and swimming. This

by Zac Howe The fitness industry loves catchphrases and buzzwords. One term that has been circulating around of late is “functional mobility.” What exactly does this mean? To understand what the term means, it is first important to understand each word separately. Functional Function, as it pertains to training, refers to carry over,

"When thinking about the best forms of exercise as we enter midlife and beyond, we should first clarify some myths and preconceptions," says Michael Spitzer, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, biochemist, fitness expert and author of Fitness at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond. “In our society, there’s a mindset that once

by Taylor Geiger Kettlebell training promotes fat loss, toning of major muscle groups and greater functional strength, while requiring less time than its dumbbell counterpart. “Kettlebells can replace almost all other exercise equipment in providing an all-in-one workout, combining strength and cardio benefits,” explains Shelly Bumpus, an Athletics and Fitness Association of

by Lisa Marshall Eat less, move more. These words have been the cornerstone of diet advice for decades, leading millions of Americans to greet the new year with vows to cut calories and hit the gym. In all, one in five U.S. adults are dieting at any given time, according to

by Keith Bishop Targeting thyroid function may be a significant factor in a successful fat-loss program. Thyroid hormones support many bodily functions, including metabolism and energy. If metabolism is low, fewer calories are burned. If fewer calories are burned, one will have a difficult time burning fat. Symptoms of low thyroid function

by Zac Howe For those that catch themselves doing more diddly-squats than actual squats at the gym, remember that good workouts depend on purpose and intensity, not time. Create a plan utilizing the tips below to get the most bang for your metabolic buck. Use Food as Fuel: To get the most

by Aimee Hughes Every January, we rally our hopes, vowing that this time our New Year’s resolutions will finally stick. However, “If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail,” says Kansas City, Missouri, personal trainer Jake Albracht. We can make our health and fitness goals for 2017 a reality instead