Roxanne & Bandit out for a walk.

Roxanne Pirooz is the publisher for this edition of Natural Awakenings covering South Harris County, Brazoria County and Galveston County.

For most of my life, I was not a healthy person, outside of being active outdoors and occasionally going to the gym. I ate all I wanted, worked in NYC for many years, so worked a LOT, and socialized with friends and work colleagues several evenings a week. Ate dessert whenever I wanted, bread, pasta, meat about three times a day, until the higher power decided to give me a serious wack in the head with a health issue that was a surprise for someone like me who always appeared to be healthy.  This woke me up and I realized then how food, sleep and stress can all affect our health and happiness. In this journey of learning, I found my local Natural Awakenings publication for free at a local bookstore. I loved it!

This was a magazine that talked about being healthy in a way that offered options and solutions that were not well covered, and educated me on a variety of topics to help me improve my health in a variety of ways – completely for the mind – body – spirit. When I moved back to Texas, and I learned that the crucial areas south and east of Houston to Gulf Coast regions were not provided this information, I had to get involved. My sincere hope is that my team and I are providing a resource online and in print to help you and your family live a happier, healthier and more balanced life!

Email if you would like to be involved!